The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer is an asset that I have utilized to train players in gyms, camps and 1-on-1 lessons to work on and improve volleyball training and fundamental skills.

We are currently developing a manual along with a solo training guide to help volleyball players efficiently use The Edge and track their progress at home in terms of development! We are really excited for this opportunity to bring prime training to your very own home.

The Edge is proving to be a groundbreaking machine in terms of affordability and training. High Schools, Middle Schools, Clubs and Individual players at home are training on The Edge all across the country.

But what makes the Edge so great?

From a coach’s perspective, intense training mostly happens within a gym where the player needs access to at least one other friend, a coach/supervisor, a multitude of volleyballs, a full court, a full sized net and a lot of running to shag volleyballs. What The Edge enables players to take advantage of is complete control of their environment. The Edge can be used at home, in the gym and wherever your creativity takes you.

Girl spiking volleyball with The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer

Minimize time spent chasing volleyballs- Elementary, I know, however you can maximize rep after rep in a contained environment while also working on perfecting the full potential of your swing! With successful hits, and even some not so “learning” attempts, the machine keeps the ball in a contained area for easy access and ability to continue training. Practice makes Perfection!

Eliminate the need for a full court in order to train. Similar to the above point, you now have everything you need in one confined space. Your setter is now a hitting arm. Have a friend who sets and you want to work with her on hitting? Remove the arm attachment and have her set you to the desired target location! Are you a setter and need a target? Utilize the target stand to accomplish an accurate space to set to.

Eliminate the amount of volleyballs necessary to incorporate proper training. You can achieve more reps with just one volleyball using our machine than you could by using just one ball in a gym. Create intense training regiments with an emphasis on reps without the need to purchase upwards of ten balls in order to do so!

Eliminates travel to locations as well as facility expenses. Parents can keep their volleyball players at home to train without the need to rent a gym for extra practice. As coaches this is perfect for our athletes! When you don’t have practice, or are in the offseason, players can continuously go out and enjoy repetitions on the Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer!

Isolate ball movement – Coaches can coach and focus on fundamentals without having to toss the ball. Players can get back to the basics of footwork and mechanics and practice volleyball fundamentals alone. My favorite method to using the machine is even putting it off the court and having players that are not immediately needed in the drill use the Edge to further maximize our training time in practice.

Versatile Use  – Whether you’re a beginner or an elite player The Edge can help you work on your volleyball skills. We’ve had kids as young as 9 all the way up to the college level train on The Edge. The settings are versatile enough to accommodate almost anyone. You can hit, you can set, you can pass and you can even serve using the Edge!

The Edge is your all-in-one must have for club volleyball and High school players. With our state of the art innovation we are hands down the best, at home volleyball spike trainer on the market. We are carving ourselves out not just a niche, but a necessity for all volleyball athletes!

The Edge is your must have volleyball training device!

Practice perfection.


Your satisfaction is very important to us. We are confident in the quality of our materials, our design and the craftsmanship that goes into making The Edge. A happy customer is a key to the success of a business. So we want to keep things simple. We ask you to do one thing before you return. Give us an opportunity to address your concerns. If we can't fix the problem then we will email you a return address label. All you pay for is the cost of the return shipping. We reserve the right to assess a 10% restocking fee, in addition to the cost of worn or damaged parts. Loose parts and poor packaging will cause wear and damage during shipping so be sure to take your time and package for perfection.


Qualified returns will:

• Give us an opportunity to fix the problem

• Properly repack the machine for shipping with no loose parts in box

• Pay for worn or damaged parts

• Pay return shipping costs

• Ask us for a return label

• Expect a refund within 30 days


Thank you for your understanding and please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

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