The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer


The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer is the best all in one performance machine to help improve your volleyball skills whether you are just having fun at home or training for a college team. With its compact footprint and flexibility to go anywhere, it is designed to use at home, at school, and at the club. In less than five minutes you can take down The Edge making it small enough to fit in the middle row of a mini van.

The Edge is created for right and left handed players to ensure optimal training for the player.

Special order the travel model storage bag by filling out our contact form.

• Made in the USA
• Right & Left Hand
• Some Assembly Required
• Two Year Limited Warranty
• Please allow up to 7 days for your order to be processed and shipped
• Shipping Included
Special Shipping Charges apply outside the continental US.

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Your satisfaction is very important to us. We are confident in the quality of our materials, our design and the craftsmanship that goes into making The Edge. A happy customer is a key to the success of a business. So we want to keep things simple. We ask you to do one thing before you return. Give us an opportunity to address your concerns. If we can't fix the problem then we will email you a return address label. All you pay for is the cost of the return shipping. We reserve the right to assess a 10% restocking fee, in addition to the cost of worn or damaged parts. Loose parts and poor packaging will cause wear and damage during shipping so be sure to take your time and package for perfection.


Qualified returns will:

• Give us an opportunity to fix the problem

• Properly repack the machine for shipping with no loose parts in box

• Pay for worn or damaged parts

• Pay return shipping costs

• Ask us for a return label

• Expect a refund within 30 days


Thank you for your understanding and please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

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